CW-hire manual

Upgrade from version 2 to version 3

The upgrade from version 2 to version 3 works out of the box, there are no extra steps required, if you haven't set up any template overrides. But there are some system requirements and it is recommended to check the configuration after the upgrade.

If you have set up template overrides, you need to check them against the new tmpl files of CW-hire and migrate any changes to your template overrides.

System requirements:

  • Joomla >= 3.10 or Joomla 4
  • CW-hire >= 2.16
  • php >= 7.4 <= 8.0 (Not yet php 8.1 ready!)

Joomla 4:
The best way to migrate from CW-hire 2 for Joomla 3 to CW-hire 3 for Joomla 4 is to first upgrade your Joomla system to version 4 and then just install the CW-hire 3 package for Joomla 4 over the old one. When you upgrade Joomla, it will warn you, that the current version of CW-hire is not compatible. Ignore this warning, upgrade Joomla and then upgrade CW-hire. When you upgrade CW-hire, it might show an error message "internal server error". You can ignore that message.

Upgrade steps:

  1. As with every major upgrade of software it is highly recommended to take a backup before you begin!
  2. Make sure your system meets the requirements above
  3. Download the right package for Joomla 3 or Joomla 4
  4. In Joomla go to "Install extensions" and just drop the package into the upload field.
  5. Go to Components -> CW-hire, open the options and check, if all settings are suitable for you.
  6. Save the settings, even if you didn't change anything!