CW-hire manual

Add category

All job offers are organized in categories. In a recruitment company, the categories would usually be the industries, jobs will be offered in. If you use cw-hire to offer jobs in your own company, this might be the department or branch, in which jobs will be offered.

You need to add at least one category, in order for the whole system to work properly.

Go to Components->CW-hire->Categories and click "New" To add a new job category.

This is, how it looks:


  • Title
    Enter the name of the category.

  • Recipient email
    Here you can override the global recipient for the application form. All applications from jobs in this category will be sent to this address.

  • Status
    Publish or unpublish the category. If you unpublish a category, all jobs in this category will disappear from the frontend.

  • Language
    If you have set up a multi language page, you can restrict categories to any of the content languages.