CW-imenu setup

Open Extensions->Modules from the Admin menu and add a new module of type "cw-imenu".


in the first tab you have to choose, what to load with each module:

  • Image with
    Sets the width of each entry.

  • Image height
    Sets the maximum height of each entry.

  • Caption animation
    Set the animation type for the captions. Select from either "Slide up" or "fade".

  • Animation
    Set the duration of all animations.

  • Use css
    Load the style sheets that come with the module. If you disable this, you have to create your own styles in your template.


In this tab, you add the actual menu entries.

  • Image
    The main image of the item.

  • Hover image
    The image to be shown on mouse over. This is optional.

  • Caption
    The name/caption for the entry.

  • Link type
    Select if you want to link to an existing Joomla menu entry or any internal or external url.

  • Select a menu item / Link
    Depending on the selected link type here you can select either an existing Joomla menu entry or enter an url.

  • Link target
    Select if the link should be opened in the same window or a new window/tab.