Mobile apps

Apps provide much more options and features than a website. Background notifications, advanced graphical interfaces, dynamic access to online data are only some of the options that make an app versatile. Launching an app can be a complex endeavour. We will find just the right solution for your needs.

Planning and Consulting

If you plan to launch an app there is a lot to consider. Maybe you have an idea for an app but you don't have the resources or the knowledge to bring it to life. Maybe you just need a tool to present and sell your products or services. In any case we will help you to work out the best way to make it happen.

Web technologies

Once the idea is laid out and the planning is done, we get to work. We use cross platform tools like cordova and ionic. All mobile platforms use fundamentally different programming languages, which would require to program any app that's supposed to work on all of them to be written twice from the core. Using these web technologies allows us to have one codebase that works on any mobile platform, mainly Android® and ios™.



The final step is the publication of the app in the respective app stores. If you want to make the app available for anyone, the main targets here are usually the Apple™ app-store and Googles Android® play-store. If you need an app that is only available to a limited audience like e.g. employees of your company, there are ways for Apple and Google alike to do that. We are happy to help you find the best way for your needs to make the app available for your target audience.

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