Transform your images into a beautiful slide show.

CW-swiper is a Joomla® module which brings Swiperjs to Joomla. Swiperjs is a nice, versatile responsive image slider. This module enables you to utilize Swiperjs within your Joomla project with just a few clicks. CW-swiper is our official successor to CW-fotorama.

With CW-swiper you can select one or more image folders as source and have a nice slideshow, gallery or site-hero up and runnning within a few minutes. The CW-swiperXP plugin extends CW-swiper by an image manager, where you can select and organize single images and add captions to them. The plugin also comes with a whole host of ready to use presets, which makes it even easier to get going without having to configure every single parameter by hand. The presets are also a great starting point which then can easily be customised to fit your needs.

CW-swiper can be used several times within the same page without any conflicts and it is also suitable to be used within one of the many page-builders that are available for Joomla!

CW-swiper is not compatible with Joomla 3!

The main features of CW-Swiper are:

  • Fully responsive and touch enabled

  • Highly customizable.

  • Load images from any folder

    Select any folder that contains images and optinally any sub-folders to auto-load the images into your gallery.
  • Load and arrange individual images (XT plugin required)

    Select, upload and arrange custom images with the CW-SwiperXT plugin.
  • Many ready to use presets for all use cases (XT plugin required)

  • Flexible navigation options

    Navigate through the slides by arrows, click, swipe, keyboard and more.
  • Easy to use

    CW-Swiper works and looks good out of the box. You can customize it, but you don't have to. Just enable and use.

We are happy to customize CW-Swiper for your needs.

CW-swiper XT plugin

Unleash the full potential of CW-swiper with this plugin!

This plugin extends CW-swiper with the following features:

  • Image manager

    Select and upload single images. Drag-and-drop-sort the images and add captions.
  • Presets

    Presets provide an easy way to set up the module for a specific purpose.

Subscription plans

All CW-swiper XT subscription plans allow you to download the plugin and all updates within the chosen period. Of course you can use CW-swiper XT after this period as long as you want, but you will not receive any new updates and you are not eligible for support.