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Our bestseller CW-hire has reached it's next stage.

Over the years we got a lot of feedback from you, our valued customers. We are pleased to say, that most of you just wanted to let us know, how happy you are with the product and the support. Some of it was suggestions how to improve CW-hire even more. In the release we took the most frequent suggestions and put it into the best CW-hire yet. This is a summary of the most important new features and improvements:

  • Ready for Joomla 4
  • Job offers can now be ordered by name, release date, job start date or custom ordering.
  • Nice, streamlined SEF URLs.
  • New types of custom fields can be added to the application form: "textarea", "radio", "list" and "checkbox"
  • New: The layouts from the latest module are now available in the component as well, plus some new, modern layouts.
  • Layout can be configured individually for each menu entry.
  • Fields "Terms of reference", "Profile", "Perspective" and "Contact info" not mandatory any more. If left blank in admin, only the description text will be displayed.

Order now, customers with a valid subscription for version 2 that has not yet expired get a generous discount of 20%!