Usually nowadays most updates go smoothly. But if they go wrong, this can render your website completely useless. Once that happens, it can become a challenge even for the most experienced webmaster or web developer, to get the system going again and before you know it, you spend hundrets just to fix a problem that could have been avoided in the first place.

There are many ways to backup your website:

Hosting provider backup service

Most hosting provider offer their own backup solutions, sometimes included in your hosting package, sometimes for an extra fee. Since these offers change constantly and vary signifficantly between providers, I will not explain any of them here in detail. Just have a look in the help section of your provider and search for "backup".

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba backup is one of the most powerful and reliable backup solutions for websites and any kind of web-application. It is a self-hosted online solution that comes in 3 flavours: As Joomla extension, as Wordpress extension or Akeeba-Solo as an independent stand-alone solution. Akeeba-Solo can be set up for almost any php/mysql based web-service and for an unlimited number of websites. Akeeba Backup is free open source software, but there is a pro version available that comes with extra features like fully automated scheduled backups.

Manual Backup

Finally there is that option. You should usually stick to one of the above options, unless you're an advanced professional. Since you are probably an advanced professional if you go for this option, I will describe the procedure here only briefly:

  • Backup your website files by downloading them via FTP, SFTP or WEBDAV from your server or hosting.
  • Export the entire database using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin.

If you want to keep your website always up to date and safe, but you don't want to worry about any of this, we offer a regular update service for your website. It costs only £ 300 per year for your Joomla or Wordpress website. Other systems are available on request. If you are interested in this service, just drop us a line and we will send you a detailed proposal.