Module latest jobs

The latest jobs module shows a list of featured jobs in descending order by publication date. Jobs have to be marked as "featured" in the main component, in order to show up in the module. The maximum number of displayed items can be set within the module.

The general Joomla module settings, that are identical for all modules, will not be covered within this documentation.


To add a new cw-hire latest module, go to Extensions->Modules and click "New". Select "cw-hire latest" as type.

The first three tabs contain just the Joomla default module-settings.

In the tab "Settings" you can select, how much entries to show, The maximum character lengh for the text preview, the job-categories to use, if the module's styles should be applied and if you want to show a link to the main component's job listing.

  • Display entries

    How many featured entries should appear in the list. This number of entries will appear in the list in descending order by creation date, regardless of category or location.

  • Limit text lengh

    If this is set, the preview text for each entry will be truncated after this amount of characters, and get the suffix "...". Set to 0 for full length text.

  • Job categories

    Select one or more categories. Only entries from the selected categories will apperar in the module.

  • Use module css

    Enable or disable the styles, that come with cw-hire latest. At the time this was written, they consist of one file "main.css", located in the "assets/css" folder of the module.

    Note: The component css files also affect this module. So keep them enabled as well, to use the full layout for the module.

  • More jobs link

    Enable this, to show a link to the main component listing below the modules list.

In the "Advanced" tab, you can change the Layout of the module.

  • Alternative Layout

    Here you can choose from 4 pre-defined layouts: default, extended, responsive and shortlist.
    • default: a simplyfied, single column list without images.
    • extended: This is an exact copy of the full list from the component.
    • responsive: A multi column layout based on bootstrap, containing images.
    • shortlist: A list of only the titles, with a mouse over popup, showing contract type, location and start date.

  • Columns (Only visible when the layout "responsive" is selected)
    Choose the amount of columns for the "responsive" layout. This will add the required css classes for boostrap to the list elements. 1 will add no extra css.