CW-hire add job offer

Go to Components->CW-hire->Joblisting and click "New" To add a new job offer.


The first tab contains all general settings of a job offer. Here is, how it looks:

  • Name / Reference
    A brief title or reference number for the offer. This is only for internal reference, and will not be displayed on the website, unless you set "Publish reference" in the component settings to "yes".

  • Status
    Publish or unpublish the offer.

  • Featured
    featured job offers will occur in the featured jobs module, if they match the settings of the particular module instance.

  • Category
    Select the category / indusrty of the job offer.

  • Location
    The location of the work place for the offered job.

  • Type of contract
    Select the type of contract for this job.

  • Start date
    Set the start date for the job. If left empty, it will be set to the default value "1970-01-01" and "As soon as possible" is displayed on the site.

In the second tab all the content is located. The content display follows a certain pattern. Read on below the screen shot, to get the most of this pattern.

Screen shot Mail settings
  • Title
    The sender (from) address of the mail form.

  • Short description
    Sender display name for the application form.

  • Image
    Global recipient for all applications. Can be overridden for individual job categories..

  • Description
    Allowed file types for testimonial and cv attachments. Only allow zip files, if you and your staff are aware of the potential risks.

  • Terms of reference
    Allow all ssl certificates for sending the mail form through smtp. (Not recommended for production sites!)

  • Profile
    The profile

  • Perspective

  • Contact info
    Contact info

Sender and Recipient are mandatory fields. Whithout them, the application form will not work. The sender address must be allowed to send mail on the server. This is usually the case, if it ends on the same domain name as the web-server.