website business card

Web business card

Get a professional website for just £150!

Web business card

Get a simple, beautiful mini-website for just £ 150!

This offer is ideal if you run a small business and need a pleasant, appealing website without too many bells and whistles, but where you can showcase your company and your services without paying a fortune.

But that's not where the advantages of these websites end:

Because they are based on a minimalistic technology that unlike most websites nowadays doesn't even need a database, there performance and speed is absolutely outstanding.

If you are located in Europe, New Zealand or the USA, for a small exchange fee we accept payments in EUR, NZD and USD as well.

For just £ 150 you get a complete website that consists of a home page, one content page and a contact page with an email form, based on one of the design themes listed below.

The details

The offer includes the setup of the home page, one content page and a contact page with an email form. If you need more, we can do that for a fair price as well, or you just add pages and content yourself, the administration backend could not be easier to handle. Have a look at the demo and see for yourself.

You deliver the texts for all pages, your logo and optional images, we setup the site, fill the pages with your contents and put everything in place. If you don't have any suitable images that's no problem either, Just have a look at the two following pages full of totally free images and tell us which of the images you would like to use in the pages: Pixabay or Unsplash. We will prepare the images and put them in place for you. If you don't like the default colours of the chosen theme, we will customise them for you.

Once everything is in place, we upload the Website to any web hosting service you want. Since the website doesn't even need a database, it will run on the smallest, cheapest hosting packages available, like e.g. the cheapest package from OVH for just £ 1.69 per month incl. domain for the first year (after that £ 6.99/year).

To open the demo site, browse through the available design themes below and click on any of them. You can switch the design within the demo by visiting the page "Design Themes" within the demo.

Available design templates

You can choose one of many design themes for your new website. The background- or header-images as well as the background- and text-colours can be customised to fit your corporate identity. This way your website looks unique, even though it is based on a pre-defined template.

Visit the demo site for the web business card and click on "Themes" to get to the themes overview, or choose one directly from the menu.