Restaurant websites

Get a website custom taylored for your restaurant

No matter if you run a little takeaway, a cafe or a 5 star restaurant, a beautiful website will help you get all your tables booked and your deliveries or pickups organised. Our custom tailored solutions come with options like easy to manage menu pages, online table booking or delivery/pickup ordering.

Many restaurants in Britain struggle because of commissions up to 35% taken by the big delivery app companies. Take matters in your own hands, keep the income and preserve your good name.

Online orders and delivery

Are you fed up paying huge amounts of fees and commissions for one of the big online order services?

Why not take matters in your own hands and keep your well deserved income for yourself. A website like our demo page will cost you a one-off payment of about £1,500 plus the hosting costs for a website including domain, which is usually around £ 2.50 / month.

Most delivery drivers are actually self employed, which means you can hire them directly to deliver your food. Negotiate conditions with your local drivers and let them deliver your food under your own brand. This way you save money and preserve your good name instead of vanishing under the brand of one of the online giants.

Table reservations

Our restaurant websites come by default with an option for table booking. Customers request a reservation on the website, you get an instant email and can confirm the booking with just one click in the email. It couldn't be simpler. Have a look at our demo page to get an impression how it works.

If you prefer to have a more elaborate system where guests can select a specific table, we have a solution for that as well.

If you don't need this option at all, of course it's no problem to just leave it out.

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