Design is more than aesthetics

Most human designs pre-existed in the natural world, but nature doesn't waste any energy. So if something looks beautiful like a flower, this beauty always serves a purpose. At createWeb we pick up on this idea to build beautiful websites, where every aspect of the design is there to create a pleasant experience for your customers.

It's all about your customers!

We take our time to understand your business and how it matters to your clients.
This way, we are able to deliver solutions, that will become useful assets of your business.

Full service

There are several steps that lead to a succsessful website. Get the full service from planning to content and design and finally publishing.


We go the extra mile to understand how your business matters to your clients. If you work for your company day in day out, you tend to become routine-blinded. We take a fresh look from the outside to give your website the extra spin for success.


The design process doesn't end with just aesthetics. Contents and structure are as important as a pleasent visual appearance to build an inviting and leads generating user experience.


The final step is the publishing of the website. This includes not only setting up a domain and upload the website, but also registration with search engines and ideally some analytics.

Get ready for the mobile age

Did you know, that over 50% of all web search requests already come from mobile devices? And it's getting more every day. Every year 1.5 B. new smartphones are sold worldwide.

Mobile web

Benefit from the potentials

On a smartphone you are closer to your customers than ever. At work, at the gym, in the garden or while shopping. Wherever someone needs your services, you are just one fingertip away.

We mobilize!

We use latest responsive technology like the bootstrap library to make sure that the websites we create deliver a slick and fast user experience on any device. This way our websites look and feel good, no matter if you visit them on your desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.


If your existing website based on Joomla, Wordpress or any other cms system needs an overhaul, we are happy to help with that as well.

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