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The Coronavirus has created challenging times for all of us, but small retailers have been hit particularly hard. That's why we launched this offer:

For just £ 300 (or the equivalent in EUR, USD, NZD) you get a simple, complete online shop where you can offer your goods for sale. We make this possible by keeping things basic and by involving you. The idea came to me, while shopping at a well known Swedish furniture store. And here is the result:

What you get

  • A fully functioning online shop, ready for you to fill with your products. The shop is based on the free, open source presta system.

  • One of our ready to use designs, customized with your brand-colours and logo.

What you need

Our price model is inspired by flat-pack furniture. We make it cheap and in return, you have to contribute your part: You fill the shop with products yourself. Don't worry, we give you a brief introduction, and that's all you need. Besides the following:

  • Photographs and descriptions of your products.

  • A little bit of work to fill your shop with products, with which we can assist.

  • £ 300

Hidden costs

If you read on, then none:
Beyond the one time costs for setting up the shop for you, you need a server-hosting, to put your shop online. We recommend ionos as the official partner of Prestashop. Prices start from £5 / month, which is all you need in most cases.

The details


We implement this offer using the free and open source shop-system presta. Prestashop is one of the best established and widely used shop-systems available. It is mature, stable, reliable and secure.

Payment processors
This offer only includes one type of payment-system and that is Paypal. But with Paypal your customers can pay by credit- or debit- card as well as direct debit. More payment modules are available on request.

Your Products might need special options like colours or sizes. We customise the Product-templates to suit your products. If your products are very complex, like with a lot of options or even different prices for different options of the same product, we can do this as well for a fair price.


We have created a set of design-templates (currently 6) from which you can choose. We will adapt the colour-scheme to suit your companies corporate design and insert your logo. If there are further minor customisations, they are included as well.


For 300,- GBP we will prepare the shop for you as described here and install it on a hosting of your choice. You then enter your products with a little bit of assistance from us.


To bring the shop online, a standard hosting is needed. The costs for a suitable hosting vary, depending on the provider and needed capacities. For a suitable package, you usually don't have to pay more than £ 10 / Month. We recommend ionos as the official partner of Prestashop. Prices start from £5 / month and in most cases the £5 package is all you need.


If you need more

We are happy to make you an offer for any extra features required or for a custom tailored design. Just ask us, it is probably more affordable than you think!

And if you are not from the UK, please contact us anyway, we operate world-wide and we accept payments in GBP, EUR, USD and NZD.


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