Quick start guide

This is a brief introduction to the main concepts of the cw-hire component. It is recommended, that you read the detailed documentation chapters to unleash the full potential of al cw-hire extensions.

  1. Initial setup

    You will find the component in the Joomla administration menu at "components -> cw-hire".
    First of all, you need to set some general parameters to get everything up and running. From the main page of the component click "Options".

    in the first tab you can select, if an applicant is required to accept the privacy policy, in order to be able to send the application form and you define one or more contract forms.

    • Contract forms
      It is required, to define at least one contract form e.g. "Contracting", "remporary employment".

    • require accept privacy policy
      Check this, to enable the requirement. The sender will not be able to submit the form, unless he checked the box, that states that he accepts the privacy policy.

    • Privacy policy document
      Select the Joomla document, that contains your privacy policy. This will show a link to this document within the application form, so that the applicant can read it before he agrees.

    • Use component css
      Enable or disable the styles, that come with cw-hire.

    • Update ID
      Here you need to enter your update id that is included inyour invoice, in order to update cw-hire through the Joomla! update system.

    In the second tab, you will find the mail settings. Here you need to set a sender address for the application form, a senders "real" name, to be displayed in the mail header, a global recipient address for the application form and the file types, that are allowed for attachments to the application form.
    If you set up all these parameters, don't forget to save them, and cw-hire is ready to use.

  2. Define categories / industries

    All job offers are organized in categories. In a recruitment company, the categories would usually be the industries, jobs will be offered in. If you use cw-hire to offer jobs in your own company, this might be the department or branch, in which jobs will be offered.

    You need to add at least one category, in order for the whole system to work properly!

    You can set a different recipient email address for each category. This will override the global recipient address. This way it is possible, to send applications for each category/industry to a specific case worker.

  3. Add job offers

    To add a job offer, go to the job offers view  and click "New".
    Here is a short summary of all parameters:

    • Name / Reference
      A brief title or reference number for the offer. This is only for internal reference, and will not be displayed on the website, unless you set "Publish reference" in the component settings to "yes".

    • General settings / Status
      Publish or unpublish the offer.

    • General settings / Featured
      featured job offers will occur in the featured jobs module, if they match the settings of the particular module instance.

    • General settings / Category
      Select the category / indusrty of the job offer.

    • General settings / Location
      The location of the work place for the offered job.

    • General settings / Type of contract
      Select the type of contract for this job.

    • General settings / Start date
      Set the start date for the job. If left empty, it will be set to the default value "1970-01-01" and "As soon as possible" is displayed on the site.

    • Content
      The content tab is broken up in several sections, which are explanied in the chapter "Job offer content."

I hope now you are ready to use and enjoy cw-hire. Please read the rest of the documentation, to get the best out of it.