CW-hire Google® jobs

In order for the Google jobs registration to work properly, you have set up some things.

To prepare CW-hire for Googles new job search, enter the component options and select the tab labeled "Google jobs". There you have to enter some information. Please find a detailed description of these settings in the chapter "Component setup".

To do things poperly, it is important to understand some simple concepts:

  • Hiring Company
    Since CW-hire is generally set for one single hiring/recruiting company, this information, which is required by Google, can only be set globally for all job offers.
There are some details, that can be submitted to Google with any job offer, but that are not mandatory. Since CW-hire doesn't store these data, Google might warn you, that these infos are not provided. You can safely ignore these warnings. They are just meant as recommendations.

  • Job location
    Google is prepared to recieve this info as detailed as possible, including street and postal code. Since CW-hire doesn't store these details with any job, but only the city, Google will warn you, that these details are missing.
  • Valid through
    Google offers to submit an info, when the offer will expire. This info is not available in CW-hire, since you just have to unpublish a job when it expires.
  • Base salary
    This informatioons is not available in CW-hire, since most companies prefer not to give this information publicly.

Now or in the future, there may be more details, that are not covered by CW-hire. All of these infos are optional, but Google might suggest that you add them. If you ever come across a warning from Google, that they will reject your job offer because of a missing detail, please let us know.

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