CW-hire component setup

You will find the component in the Joomla administration menu at "components -> cw-hire".
First of all, you need to set some general parameters to get everything up and running. From the main page of the component click "Options" on top right.


in the first tab you can select, if an applicant is required to accept the privacy policy, in order to be able to send the application form and you define one or more contract forms. Here is, how it looks:

  • Contract forms
    It is required, to define at least one contract form e.g. "Contracting", "remporary employment".

  • require accept privacy policy
    Check this, to enable the requirement. The sender will not be able to submit the form, unless he checked the box, that states that he accepts the privacy policy.

  • Privacy policy document
    Select the Joomla document, that contains your privacy policy. This will show a link to this document within the application form, so that the applicant can read it before he agrees.

  • Use component css
    Enable or disable the styles, that come with cw-hire.

  • Update ID
    Here you need to enter your update id that is included inyour invoice, in order to update cw-hire through the Joomla! update system.

  • Hide description
    Hide the description in the list view.

  • Limit text length
    Cut the description text in the list view after the given amount of characters and add a "..." suffix.
  • Update ID
    enter your download-id here, to recieve updates for your subscription. You will find the download-id on your invoice.
In the second tab, you will find the mail settings. They look like this:

Screen shot Mail settings

  • Sender
    The sender (from) address of the mail form.

  • Sender name
    Sender display name for the application form.

  • Recipient
    Global recipient for all applications. Can be overridden for individual job categories..

  • Allowed attachment types
    Allowed file types for testimonial and cv attachments. Only allow zip files, if you and your staff are aware of the potential risks.

  • Enable captcha
    If the Joomla captcha-plugin is enabled and configured, in can be inegrated into the application form.

  • Insecure ssl
    Allow all ssl certificates for sending the mail form through smtp. (Not recommended for production sites!)

Sender and Recipient are mandatory fields. Whithout them, the application form will not work. The sender address must be allowed to send mail on the server. This is usually the case, if it ends on the same domain name as the web-server.

In this section you can customize the application form. (new in v. 2.0.12*)
*The default values for all fields are identical to the static settings in older versions.

  • Hide
    Don't use the field in the form.
  • Use
    Use the field in the form.

  • Required
    If enabled, the visitor has to fill in this field, otherwise the form cannot be submitted.

If you enable custom fields, you can add custom fields to the end of the form.

Add or delete fields with the "+" and "-" buttons on the right. Move the fields by grabbing the blue button on the far right.
  • Field name
    This is the name of the actual html form field. It can only contain letters and numbers and must not start with a number.

  • Title
    This is the title of the field, that will appear in the form aside or on top of the field.

  • Enabled
    Enable the field to be used in the form.

  • Required
    If enabled, the visitor has to fill in this field, otherwise the form cannot be submitted.

In this tab, you set up the structured data for the new Google jobs search. Please also read the detailed description for Google jobs to find out more. Here is a brief description of the settings:


General settings

  • Hiring company
    The company who is hiring or recruiting.
  • Website
    The official Website of the hiring company or the website, where the original job offer is hosted.


In this section you set up the sitemap that has to be submitted to Google after every new job or job change. The submission can either be done manually or automatically on every change.

  • Change frequency
    This tells google generally how often it should re-visit this site and look for changes. The triggered updates for new or changed jobs are unaffected by this.
  • priority
    The sitemap priority for all job offers. Should usually stay at 0.5. For more information please read the official description.
  • Jobs menu item
    Jere you have to select the Joomla menu entry under which the job listings are published. This is important to generate the correct link for the sitemap.
  • Google updater
    You should not need to ever change this, unless Google changes his address for submitting Sitemaps.
  • Auto notify Google
    Enable this, to autmatically send an update request to Google, whenever you save a new or changed job offer.
  • Link to sitemap
    This is the link for the sitemap that will be submitted to Google. You can click it, to see and verify the actual xml sitemap.